About Police Station

Faridabad Police has a separate Police station for nit where citizen can register theirs complaints directly to this police station. This police station was established on 1971.

Juridiction Details

  • 1)गांधी कालोनी
  • 2)न्यु इन्द्रा गांधी कालोनी
  • 3)गांव फतेहपुर चन्देला
  • 4)टाऊन न.-5 BLOCK G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, R NIT-5 FBD
  • 5)टाऊन न.-5 BLOCK A, B, C, D, E, F NIT फरीदाबाद
  • 6)फ्रुट गार्डन, ENDRA INCLAVE SECTOR -21A and All Apartment
  • 7)भगत सिह कालोनी
  • 8)नेशन हट SEC- 21D
  • 9) बार्ङ & हाउसिंग G/F BLOCK SGM नगर

Contact Details

Sr.No. Name & Rank Office Tel. No. Email Mobile No.
1 SHO NIT 0129-2416688 shonitfbd-hry@nic.in 9582200125