Faridabad Police, Government of Haryana
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Police Oath

CP’s Message

My heartiest greetings to you all. Making Faridabad a safer and better place to live in is our mission and we continuously work on this in partnership with the community. We strive to provide the four essential to the public – increased police visibility, good police behavior, quick police response and accessibility of officers to general public, because we consider the citizen as our most important stakeholder.

Police Commissionerate Faridabad recently launched the campaign ‘Building a Safe City for Women’ which was inaugurated by Smt. Mamta Sharma on 3rd September, 2013. and I must say that this campaign has made good inroads in making Faridabad a safer city for women.

I accept that each policeman belonging to this commissionerate will discharge his duty with highest degree of integrity, sense of commitment and up righteous approach towards the ultimate objective of serving the people. I also exhort police officers to provide better policing to citizens with special attention especially to the vulnerable sections of the society like women, children, senior citizens and physically challenged etc. I also appeal to the general public to give us full cooperation and to join hands to make Faridabad safe and secure.